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Kayaking Through Trout Spawning Season

I had the coolest thing happen while whitewater kayaking. I noticed when I was getting closer to the lake from the whitewater river that I was on that trout fish were jumping everywhere. I had trout fish jumping over the front and the back of my kayak. I know had I been in an open boat they would have jumped into the boat. I was amazed to see so many trout jumping and moving up stream for spawning season.

Kayaking in Creek White Water

I love the feel of the cool quick rushing water of a creek that is flowing fast. In the creek you have to learn to read the water and determine how deep the line you are planning to run is otherwise if it's not deep enough your beached. I have found that if you can navigate a creek and learn the technicals within it you can run about any whitewater since creeks have many underlying obstacles that you can't see above water but, that you will learn as you learn to read the water and determine your line to run the creek the safest and with the most thrill.