Crowded Grocery Store Shopping

Have you left for the grocery store only to find it so full of people. You look around and there are very few grocery shopping carts to use to pick up just a few items. You wait by the produce section, then wait by the bread section until everyone in front of you gets the items they were picking out and then you finally meander your way to the checkout only to wait in line. Hoping that a clerk or the cashier manager will open some more lanes to check out. I do find some of the comical stuff that people do as they wait patiently.  By the way, while I was in the grocery store I have found a cool app that is great for getting cash back rewards much like I use it every time I shop, and I wanted to share it to you. Please use my referral code, ib5a, and you can get a $10 welcome bonus. Sign up at I got $3.00 back off the purchase of my grill propane tank exchange Blue Rhino, $0.50 back from my bench mustard, and $0.7 ">5 back from my McCormick Grill Beef Franks, and a $1 cash back for Uber. I don't know how long the deal will be there for these items. However, I was happy to get the savings.


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